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Potassium Sulphate
Potassium sulphate is a colourless or white crystalline solid that is soluble in water. In accordance with its chemical formula, K2SO4, it is made up of two potassium ions (K+) and one sulphate ion (SO42-).
Potassium Nitrate
Enhance your crop yields with Potassium Nitrate, a vital component in fertilizers known for promoting healthy plant growth and fruit development. The balanced composition of potassium and nitrogen ensures optimal nutrient absorption for your plants, leading to robust harvests.

Elevate your gardening game with our premium Fertilizers, formulated to provide essential nutrients crucial for plant nourishment and vitality. From nitrogen-rich blends to phosphorus and potassium boosters, our fertilizers cater to diverse needs, ensuring lush greenery and bountiful blooms for your garden oasis.

Potassium Humate
Maximize soil fertility and plant health with Potassium Humate, a potent organic compound derived from leonardite. Renowned for its ability to improve soil structure, retain moisture, and enhance nutrient uptake, Potassium Humate fosters vigorous root growth and overall plant resilience, resulting in thriving crops.

Water Soluble Fertilizer
Simplify your fertilization routine with our Water soluble fertilizers, meticulously crafted to dissolve easily in water for quick and efficient nutrient delivery. Perfect for foliar spraying or drip irrigation systems, our soluble blends ensure rapid nutrient absorption, promoting lush foliage, vibrant blooms, and healthy fruiting for your crops.

Plant Growth Regulator
Unlock the full potential of your plants with our Plant Growth Regulators, scientifically formulated to stimulate growth, increase flowering, and improve fruit setting. Harnessing the power of natural hormones, our regulators offer a targeted approach to optimize plant development and yield, ensuring abundant harvests season after season.

Humic Amino Balls
Nurture your plants with Humic Amino Balls, a revolutionary blend of humic acid and amino acids encapsulated in convenient, slow-release balls. These nutrient-packed spheres promote soil health, stimulate root development, and enhance nutrient uptake, fostering vigorous growth and robust plant vitality throughout the growing cycle.

Granular Calcium Nitrate
Fortify your soil with Granular Calcium Nitrates, high-purity, granular fertilizers rich in calcium and nitrogen. Specially formulated to prevent calcium deficiencies and enhance plant cell structure, our granules dissolve slowly, providing a steady supply of nutrients for sustained growth, improved fruit quality, and enhanced disease resistance in your crops.

Amino Acid
Fuel plant growth and metabolism with our premium Amino Acids blend, packed with essential building blocks for protein synthesis and enzyme activation. Derived from natural sources, our amino acid formulation enhances nutrient absorption, strengthens plant immunity, and boosts stress tolerance, ensuring healthier, more resilient crops from seedling to harvest.

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